In this blog post I go through the design thinking behind my iPhone 8 concept. I also rant about a few things. Hope you don't mind :)

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The Inevitable iPhone 8

Why the future has no room for UI designers

In a few years the interface of most applications will be redundant. Let me tell you why. There are apps that you use to create stuff, then there are apps like games that are immersive experiences. Pretty much everything else is about consuming information...

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Let's think about a perfect universe for a second. A utopia for designers, where all the users have IQ score of 180, 20/20 vision, and can read the designer's mind. In this world the user would know right away which texts are buttons and which aren't...

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It's not your fault; the 'Mail' app IS confusing!

I will not be getting into the history of the shift key and how Apple has tried to get it right over and over again and failing each time in one place or the other. To get a detailed history and for an amazing read check out this article...

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How can Apple fix its shift key problem once and for all

Instagram has been testing a somewhat radical new user interface of their app. A black and white approach to the infamous social media app with hints of red here and there. Here are a few reasons, why I think this is perfect for the users: The newly designed tab bar uses black, thick icons for the selected tabs and thin, grey outlines for the unselected ones...

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Why Instagram's decision to go black and white is great for their users

They have replaced the burger button with a tab bar. Every good user experience needs to provide these pieces of information to the users: Where they are, where they can go, and how they can get there...

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Spotify finally fixed the most annoying thing about their app!

"Think of your branding as an outfit. It tells a lot about you. Even if you're the most qualified person for a job, if you dress poorly for an interview, you might not get the job."

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4 Reasons Design in Marketing Matters More Than You Think