Motion Graphics

I started creating motion graphic images and videos on April 2016. Since then I have created more than 500 videos that I have shared on Instagram and Tiktok with more than 120,000 followers combined. Most of them are challenges I set for myself and some are for clients.

I do this mostly for fun, but once in a while I work with my favourite companies to make videos for them. I'm really proud of the videos that I created for Soylent! You can find them on my Instagram page.

Featured on Unbox Therapy

When the Tesla Cybertruck was announced, I was really excited about it. So I created a few videos comparing its size to other Teslas and other pickup trucks. One of my videos got featured on Unbox Therapy's LaterClips YouTube channel.

Featured on

I had the honour of being featured on and it was amazing! I hope you enjoy watching the video as much as I do every time. It is a nice collection of my works from the 2016 to 2019 with some nice music!

Black and Gold

I set myself a goal of creating 25 videos in February. The goal was to get faster at creating mograph videos and learn all of the optimizations possible. After all I was rendering everything on my 4 year old MacBook Pro!
To make things more exciting I limited the colours i could use to only matte black and gold. The limited colour pallet really pushed me to get creative in other areas like animations, physics, and different simulations.

AltumView Logo Design

Designing the logo for AltumView was a very interesting challenge. We were creating the logo at the same time as defining the tone, primary colours, and potential future directions of the company.
As a result there were a lot of ideas that were considered. More than 300 in fact!
When we finally chose the logo, I felt like I needed to preserve the process somehow.
The first step of creating this video was calculating how long it would take to show all of the iterations. Second step was creating the music for it. The last step was to simply add the images.
I hope you enjoy watching the video. It was definitely one of the most exciting and diverse challenges I had to face as a designer.

Automotive Design

I dreamt of being a car designer since I was 13. Then at 22 I got to be one! And very quickly I realizes it's not exactly what I thought it would be. But that's ok. It lead me to UI design which ended up being everything I thought it would be!

Car design remained a passion of mine. I doodle cars every time I get a chance. I also tried making rough 3D shapes in a virtual reality app called Tilt Brush. But I have to say pen and paper is still my favourite way of designing.

Tesla Roadster and Semi concept

Bugatti One Seater

Rocket Race Car

McLaren Hatchback

I modelled this car on the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil with the uMake app in about 2 hours. One of the most funs I've have modelling a car. Mostly because it was the first time that i actually managed to do it.

Mazda Miata Bodykit Concept

A geometric one seater