in 2021, I took up biking as a form of exercise and set a goal to complete a 100km ride in one day, which I was able to achieve. In 2022, I aimed to ride 150km in one day in preparation for a future plan to bike from Vancouver to Seattle in two days. After some contemplation, I decided to go for it and started my two-day journey from Vancouver on September 30th, 2022. Despite feeling like giving up at several points during the ride, I kept pushing and focused on the road ahead. I pedaled for over 12 hours, burned over 5800 calories, and consumed 2400 calories during the ride. Finally, after covering 250km, I accomplished my goal and checked off the bucket list item of "Bike from Vancouver to Seattle."

Motion Graphics

I'm always fascinated by 3D renderings and physics simulations. On April 2016 I started learning motion graphics and I've been sharing the videos that I create with my 230,000+ followers on TikTok and Instagram.
A grid of 36 images showing the thumbnails of a series of instagram posts.

Featured on Unbox Therapy

I was really excited when the Tesla announced the Cybertruck. So I created a few videos comparing its size to other Teslas and other pickup trucks. One of my videos got featured on Unbox Therapy's LaterClips YouTube channel.

Featured on

I had the honour of being featured on I hope you enjoy watching the video as much as I do every time. It is a nice collection of my works from the 2016 to 2019 with some nice music!

Automotive Design

Ever since I was 13 I dreamed of being a car designer. At 22 I got to be a car designer partnering with a very talented engineer who was working on a custom car project. I quickly realized that car design is not what I thought it would be. But that was ok. It lead me to a different kind of Product Design (UI / UX design) which did end up being what I was looking for.

Car design however remained a passion of mine. I still design cars when I get a chance. Be it on paper with a pen, on my computer with Cinema 4D, or in VR using Gravity Sketch.

Tesla Roadster and Semi concept

McLaren Hatchback

I modelled this car on the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil with the uMake app in about 2 hours. One of the most funs I've have modelling a car. Mostly because it was the first time that i actually managed to do it.

Mazda Miata Bodykit Concept

A geometric one seater

Rendering of a 3d car. side view. the car is in a forest and has a very minimal design with very few surfaces. Rendering of a 3d car. rear quarter view. the car has a very minimal design with very few surfaces.