Week 1: New material design, getting started with iPhone's Taptic Engine

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New Material Design

At Google IO 2018, Google introduced the new Material.io
A website dedicated to all things material design. However, there are a few very interesting additions this year. Material Design now has a Sketch plug-in that helps you get started with 3 of their new libraries of interface design, and the guidelines have been completely re-written and are no longer only high-level concepts, but really useful designer-friendly informations.

Click on the video above for an intro, or the link below to go straight to the new re-designed Material.io website


Get Started with iPhone’s Taptic Engine

You’re a UI designer. You’ve heard about the Taptic Engine on the iPhones and watched the developer videos where Apple encourages you to integrate them into your design. At firstyou thought, it’s only on the iPhone 6S. It’s a small market. Then the next iPhone came and you procrastinated more. And now it’s maybe too late to get started with it?

Well, fear not. I’ll walk you through everything you need to know in this series.The first thing you need to know. There are 6 basic haptic feedbacks that are provided by Apple by default:

1: Impact Light
2: Impact Medium
3: Impact Heavy
4: Notification Success
5: Notification Warning
6: Notification Error

Instead of describing how they feel, why don’t I show you how to make a mockup running on your iPhone that lets you feel them for yourself?

Click on the link below to continue reading this article on my full blog post:

Get Started with iPhone’s Taptic Engine

As always, I wish you luck with whatever you're working on. 🌟

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