Week 3: A Big Thank You!

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A Big Thank You!

Last Thursday, I gave my presentation at the ViDIA meetup. A big thank you to all of you that showed up! It really meant a lot to me and every kind word and feedback helps me move forward and become better at what I do. I hope that my presentation also helped you become better at what you do :)

Click the video to watch the whole presentation on YouTube:

You can also read about it on my blog post on Medium:

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Free Resource of the Week

It's always fun to work on a project that you're really excited about. The not so fun part is when you have to wait a few weeks before you see your design on a product. This is when mockups come in handy! I'd like to share with you this paper cup mockup from www.graphicburger.com I really like this mockup because it provides an almost blank canvas for a logo or branding work. Click the link below to download it for free!

Download Resource

🌟As always, I wish you luck with whatever you're working on. 

💬Are you working on an exciting project? Want feedback on your design? Want to brainstorm some design ideas and talk about random things for an hour? I'm always happy to chat!

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