5: Sketch quick tutorials, video of the WWDC Vancouver panel discussion, and a freebie!

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Sketch Quick Tutorials

About two years ago I was thinking about making an online course for learning Sketch step-by-step. After a bit of research I found out that there are plenty of amazing free resources out there. I didn't want to just create yet another series of videos going through the same content as everyone else. Instead I decided to make a series of short videos covering all of the tips and tricks I had learnt through the years to help people master Sketch!

I uploaded them all on Instagram for free. They all have colour coded unique thumbnails. I had a lot of time back then. Good times... Anyway, here is the Instagram page, learn.sketch:


WWDC Vancouver Panel Discussion - Video

The panel was... AMAZING!!! Many great questions followed by amazing conversations that I couldn't feel more honoured to have been a part of. Here's the video and I hope you enjoy it:

Free Resource of the Week

Recently I've been working on a few logos and branding projects, so logically the only thing that I'm obsessed with right now is anything that I can put a logo on!

Here's a shopping bag that you can put your logo on. How awesome is that!

Mockup of a floating paper shopping bag. Completely customizable PSD file with smart layers. The dimensions are 7000 x 6000 px at 300 dpi.

Credit: mockupworld.co

Download Resource

🌟As always, I wish you luck with whatever you're working on. 

💬Are you working on an exciting project? Want feedback on your design? Want to brainstorm some design ideas and talk about random things for an hour? I'm always happy to chat!

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