6: Logo design tips, AltumView logo design process and a freebie!

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Design Without a Designer — Chapter 2: Logo Design

You go on Instagram and you see a bunch of really clever logos, then you think to yourself: “My business needs a clever logo like those!” Alright. Let’s see what it takes to create one of those clever logos for your business.

Let’s have a look at the logo above. What do you see? A guitar, a match, and flames. If you were to guess what the company name is, what would you guess? Flame Guitars or Guitar Match or something like that. And you’d be right. The company is called Music Match. The logo is definitely clever and eye-catching, but would this logo be right for your business?

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AltumView Logo Progress

After Joining AltumView's amazing team, I was tasked with doing a full re-branding and it started with some research followed by the logo design. It was a really fast iterative process and we went through so many versions of the logo before we picked a winner. I decided to use all the iterations to make a video to showcase all the work that goes into finding the perfect logo.

Free Resource of the Week

Working on all those logos, I've been spending a lot of time looking for mockups of random objects to put the logo on. It's just so fun isn't it?

Here's a Simple Cassette Mockup that can be restyled with photoshop smart objects and layer effects. Place your design, save it and your cassette is ready.This graphic can be further customized with a number of variables which you can edit including background color, shadow intensity, light intensity and highlights.

Credit: graphicpear.com

Simple Cassette Mockup

🌟As always, I wish you luck with whatever you're working on. 

💬Are you working on an exciting project? Want feedback on your design? Want to brainstorm some design ideas and talk about random things for an hour? I'm always happy to chat!

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