Chasing the Spotlight

The year was 2007. Moved to Malaysia to study Industrial Design to become a car designer. Saw my first Apple Product. A black polycarbonate MacBook. Fall in love with it. Discover Steve Jobs and his presentation. Try to make all of my university project presentations like Steve Jobs'. Think I'm very good at giving keynote speeches. 10 years later. Join Toast Masters. Turns out I'm not as good as I thought. Try to finish the Toast Masters' Competent Communicator's Manual to become a good speaker. Here is my journey so far...

Upcoming Speech:

I'll be talking about some tips and tricks for developers to help them create beautiful apps without a designer.
May 24th, ViDIA Meetup, Vancouver.
Joni The Event!

The Inevitable iPhone 8

I was honoured to be asked to speak at the February ViDIA meetup group to talk about my iPhone 8 concept design that I've been working on, for a 20 minute presentation.

About Me - Ice Breaker Speech at Toast Masters

Every Toast Masters member's first speech is the Ice Breaker, where they talk about themselves, their background, what motivates them and where they want to go in life. This is my ice breaker speech. I hope you enjoy it.

Winning speech at table topics contest

Table Topics are one of the more challenging parts of being a Toast Master. You are asked a random question and have two minutes to give an answer in a proper public speaking format. My question (luckily) was about dealing with difficult customers. I had a lot of experience dealing with *cough* *cough* I mean all of the people I have worked with are very professional and never have I ever had any problems with anyone. Anyway, I managed to "make something up" and my speech won me the "Best Table Topics" badge.

Humorist Contest Speech

Remember I said the first ever speech you give at Toast Masters is the Ice Breaker? Well, that's unless you join a public speaking contest before your first ever speech at the club. Which is what I did. So technically this was my first ever speech at Toast Masters. I was told afterwards that my speech didn't follow any of the structure or guidelines that Toast Masters aims to teach, but it was very funny. You be the judge of that.

3 Minutes Humorist Speech

I really enjoyed joining the humorist contest, so I decided to follow that up a few months later with a 3 minutes humorist speech that is meant to kickstart the meeting on a positive note.

Stay Tuned For More:

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