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A Senior Product Designer with a wealth of experience in SaaS, mobile, B2B, and B2C projects. I’m passionate about driving innovation and making products stand out with user-centered designs that truly meet the needs of your customers. Let's work together to bring your ideas to life!
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I enjoy helping other designers get things done faster. In my free time, I create design resources that available for others to download for free from Figma Community and utilize in their projects. Read more
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Borneo is a real-time data security and privacy observability platform, on a mission to empower security practitioners to Secure User Trust.

- Led the redesign of the entire platform as the first senior product designer on the team
- Conducted user research with customers to find pain points and opportunities
- Collaborated with the CEO and project managers to create interactive high fidelity prototypes for user testing
- Created and maintained a design system in Figma and documented it in Confluence to help developers understand how to use it

Unit 21

Unit21 is a platform that provides no-code tools for risk and compliance teams. Unit21 helps protect businesses against money laundering, fraud, and other risks.

- Re-designed the entire platform as the first designer on the team
- Created a design system in Figma and Storybook to guide future designs, and a Design wiki in Notion to facilitate onboarding and provide easy access to design resources for the team
- Collaborated with CS and sales teams to come up with new ideas to improve the platform's usability
- Worked closely with PMs and front-end developers to deliver consistent designs for improving existing features and creating brand new workflows
Animated logo of App Annie showing a 3d gem spinning

App Annie - Ascend

A single source of truth for data aggregation, data normalization, and automated reporting to simplify advertising analytics and help with monetization strategy.
2 screenshots of the dashboard project for App Annie Ascend

- Own the end to end design of the Ascend project
- Work closely with stakeholders and PMs to create a brand new information architecture
- Gather and evaluate user requirements in collaboration with product managers and engineers
- Develop UI mockups and prototypes that clearly illustrate how sites function and look like
- Validate design decisions with user interviews
- Create a design system for the project from scratch which would then act as the starting block for App Annie DSM
- Work closely with the developer to ensure the implementation follows all design requirements
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Logo of AltumView Inc


Independence and peace of mind for your loved ones

The only way I can describe my time as the creative director at AltumView is amazing people, amazing talent, and amazing management which lead to some of the best work I've ever done as a designer.

- In collaboration with the CEO, create an official 56-page comprehensive brand guideline for the company, including: a logo and variations of the logo, business document templates, presentation templates, font and colour hierarchy, and a series of wallpapers for employees to use
- Design a react-native iOS/Android mobile app that gives caregivers of the elderly a better understanding of the person-in-care’s well-being and day-to-day activities, and that notifies caregivers of incidents when they occur
- Design the mobile app for users with different levels of access and permissions, while protecting the privacy of the person-in-care
- Create an easy in-app onboarding process that guides a user (of any age or technical skill) through the sensor setup process
- Industrial design of an enclosure for a palm sized computer with exceptional machine learning capabilities
Designing the logo for AltumView was a really interesting challenge. We went through 300+ variations to finally land on a logo. I used all the variations to create a video to highlight the fun process.
Logo of Visper app.


A secure chat app for iOS and Android.
A screenshot of the visper secure chat app on an android phone mockup.
VISPER is a chat application for iOS and Android. The project's goal was to design a new application from the ground up with security in mind for both iOS and Android.
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Moola app icon.


A Digital Marketplace Anywhere You Go
Screenshot of the moola gift card app on an iPhone mockup on a purple background.
- Work with the founder of the company and build a vision for the product together
- Execute UX research on all micro-interactions inside the app to ensure a smooth user experience
- Create interactive prototypes of every iteration of the design for the team to test and give feedback on in scrum
- Take complex user flow problems and distill them into simple, intuitive, easily implemented solutions
- Write and conduct usability tests and use the gathered information to create UX solutions to interface bottlenecks.
Pocket social logo.

Pocket Social

A social media app built around events.
picture of a person holding an iphone with the screen showing the pocket social app

- Conceptualize, wireframe, design and prototype PocketSocial’s web app following best practices and design trends
- Collaborate with the product team, business analysts, project managers, and developers in an agile environment to prioritize and track deliverables from feature inception to UI prototype, visual design, and finally implementation
- Re-design the PocketSocial mobile app to make it easier to use, adding new features to engage the audience
- Design 3D achievement badges for users to help with user retention during and after events- Oversee the creative team’s work to ensure standards and consistencies are met across multiple platforms and device sizes
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logo of the Sketch app sources website

Credit Card Template

I needed to create a few credit card designs for the checkout screens in the PocketSocial app. After creating them I realized I could share these assets with other designers and help them save time during their projects as well.
I shared the project on Sketch App Sources and so far it has more than 23,000 downloads!
image with 9 credit cards with different designs in a 3 by 3 grid.Visit the download page
Pocket live logo

Pocket Live

A social media app built around events.
2 screenshots of the pocket live app. one of them showing a live streaming screen, and the other showing the explore tab where users can find a livestream to watch.
- Re-design the PocketLIVE mobile app to maximize focus on main functions of the app and reduce distractions. Achieve this by changing the layout from 5 tabs to 3 while keeping all the functionality and highlighting the most important aspects of the app
- Conduct user experience research
- Establish and build a bi-weekly sprint plan that works with the creative team, development team, QA, and management to ensure timely delivery of products and updates
- Re-design the web app for both platforms (PocketLIVE and PocketSocial) with the purpose of making it intuitive and easy to navigate, even for technologically challenged users
ours app logo.

Ours. This Time, it's different.

A simple clock app with more than 20,000 unique combinations of customizations.

Ours started as a side project while I was learning how to use PaintCode. I designed a functioning responsive clock in PaintCode with all of the customizations including colour, clock style, language, and level of details. The video you see above is actually rendered 100% using PaintCode!
A developer friend of mine helped me put the app on the iOS App Store.
logo of the cookout app. a simple white fork on a blue background.


Homemade meals delivered to your doorsteps in minutes!
a person holding an iphone with the cookout app showing on the screen. the background of the photo is a kitchen table top with food ingredients on it .
- Worked closely with a passionate founder who wanted to create a local home-made food delivery service in 2016
- Spend a few hours talking about the long term vision of the app and discovering potential untapped areas of the market
- Research and define the user demographic, user's goals, and their challenges
- Create detailed user personas and use them to create detailed user scenarios
- Create wireframes and test them against the user scenarios and user challenges
- After finalizing the wireframes create an interactive high fidelity mockup that was used to do small scale usability testing
- Deliver all of the assets and specs for a smooth hand-off to developers
steps plus plus app icon. a left footmark in blue on a very light grey background.


The simplest and the most personal step tracking app for the Apple Watch
a raised hand showing an apple watch with the steps plus plus app shown on the watch's screen. the app is showing the progress of the wearer's step goals for the day.
Steps++ was a side-project that a friend of mine and I worked on. With the introduction of the Apple Watch, I wanted to experiment with designing an app following Apple's guidelines. My friend who is an iOS developer wanted to try his hands at creating an Apple Watch app with the new version of Xcode. So we decided to work together and work on this project with the primary goal of learning as much as possible about the new Apple Watch.
logo of two tall totems. also known as TTT.

Two Tall Totems

A design and development agency located in Vancouver creating iOS, android, web and enterprise software for clients.
picture of the two tall totems team all sitting together and laughing during a presentation.
- Work with more than 20 clients and teams to fully understand their vision for the user and the goals of the business
- Define the target audience, creating personas and user stories, and create information architecture maps
- Create wireframes and interactive prototypes to conduct user experience research using InVision and Flinto
- Work closely with project managers in an agile environment to ensure timely delivery of assets
- Create a smooth workflow for designers to collaborate on the same project
- Work closely with the development team to ensure the correct implementation of the design all the way to the App Store
- Keep up to date with developers in daily scrums to ensure the delivery of all assets needed
- Conduct UX interviews with a focus group to test and validate different aspects of the interface such as onboarding
- Communicate design decisions to the client in a compelling manner and address their concerns.

* Due to confidentiality I cannot showcase the work I did at Two Tall Totems.
scope media app icon. a white location pin with a decorative letter S inside. on a dark grey background.

Scope Media

A search engine for images on all social media
an iphone on a drawing pad. the phone is showing the scope media app on the map screen where users can find pictures from a specific area. 
the drawing pad under the phone is showing a pencil drawing of the app.
- Work with the founder of the company and build a vision for the product together
- Execute UX research on all micro-interactions inside the app to ensure a smooth user experience
- Create interactive prototypes of every iteration of the design for the team to test and give feedback on in scrum
- Take complex user flow problems and distill them into simple, intuitive, easily implemented solutions
- Write and conduct usability tests and use the gathered information to create UX solutions to interface bottlenecks
woodshed app icon. a minimal white guitar on an orange background.


A guitar learning app which allows you to play along with your favourite artists
a mockup of 2 iphone 12s. the first iphone is showing the woodshed app while playing a song and showing the chords for it. the second iphone is showing the app in the browse page. users can use the browse page to find a song they would want to learn.
- Work with the founder of Woodshed to design a platform from scratch for guitar enthusiasts of all levels to help them learn how to play guitar
- Explore various approaches to an interface that makes learning guitar fun. The option to play along with your favourite artist was selected as the most fun and intuitive approach
- Create an interface that promotes learning, and encourages and supports curious minds by providing the right information at the right time
- Re-thinking the video player to accommodate both videos and guitar notes at the same time.

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