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I design mobile apps, responsive websites, motion graphics, and a bunch of other stuff. Let's grab a cup of tea and talk, I'd love to meet and learn what inspires you!
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A secure chat app for iOS and Android. Get a peak at the design process of creating an app from scratch.
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Pocket Social

A fun intuitive mobile and web application that helps you find events that interest you and helps connect event organizers to people interested!
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Logo Design Tutorial

Design without a designer - Chapter 3.
This tutorial is meant to give you the skills necessary to start turning your logos from sketches into Sketch files. Let me know in the comments if there are any logos that you’d want me to create. You can send me photos of what you’ve drawn so far if you want help with turning them into sketch files as well...
Logo Design Tutorial

Question Everything

Design without a designer - Chapter 1.
I decided to start a series of blog posts called Design Without a Designer in an attempt to share my knowledge and know-how and some tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way with others. And I know what you are thinking right now. Why I, a designer, am talking about design without a designer?
Question Everything

Apps I Use For UI Design

- Sketch: Wire-framing and high fidelity design
- Invision and Craft: Making interactive prototypes and sharing them with developers and stakeholders
- Zeplin: Sharing assets and interactive prototypes with developers
- Invision Studio: Alternative to Sketch
- Adobe XD: Alternative to Sketch
- Paintcode: Creating custom designs and exporting the code for developers to use
- Origami Studio: Creating highly custom, deeply integrated interaction concepts
- Principle: Quick and dirty custom animations
- Flinto: Idea for playing around with custom animations for transitions between screens
- MindNode: Creating mind-maps
- Photoshop: Photo manipulation
- Illustrator: Turning AI files to SVG so I can open them in Sketch
- ImageOptim: Lossless compression of SVG and PNG assets

Logo Design Basics

Design without a designer - Chapter 2.
You go on Instagram and you see a bunch of really clever logos, then you think to yourself: “My business needs a clever logo like those!” Alright. Let’s see what it takes to create one of those clever logos for your business...
Logo Design Basics

Fun Facts

60% of my diet is the sweet nectar of the gods, Soylent. I'm not joking. I even made a few videos for them that you can check out on my instagram page.
I can solve a Rubik's cube in under 7 minutes! I'm very proud of that.
I once rode a bicycle 4 times around Stanley Park for a total of more than 40 km!
As an ENTP I am energized by challenge and inspired by problems that others perceive as impossible to solve!

Tesla Stock Footage

I started making some footage to help people reporting on Tesla and EV related topics.
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BFREE is an amazing initiative started by the "Now You Know" YouTube channel, that is created to reward Elon's employees at SpaceX, Tesla, and The Boring Company for working on a better brighter future for all of us.
When I Heard about this I knew right away that i wanted to be a part of it!

So if you are an Elon employee and are working on something that needs a logo, hit the button below and get in touch for a free logo!
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